Monday, May 21, 2012


When we first got Lucy, I took her to a training class at our local Pet Smart store. One of the first things our trainer told us was that dogs do not understand us. All they hear is "wawawa" like the teacher from Peanuts. I of course strongly disagree with that statement. I believe that dogs have their own language but just like humans when they are fully submersed in our language they learn and understand it too. Lucy has proven this point to me so many times!

She understands when I tell her to get her toy. Or at night before bed we get her toys ready for the next day. One day I tested her to see if she knew her toys. I asked her to bring me a toy she wanted for the next day. She brought over her green biscuit toy. I filled it up and before I could ask her for her next toy she was already bringing it to me! Just last night I asked her to get me her pink peanut butter toy (a Kong) and I told her it was in her toy box. She walked right over to her toy box and started digging around until she came out with her Kong! If she didn't understand English, how did she know exactly what toy I wanted?

Another way she understands us is from my lecturing. My mom was the one that started it and works just about every time. As many know she is part Jack Russell which means she is a jumper! When my friend came over with her little girl, my mom told Lucy that Maddie is just a baby and we don't jump on babies. When Maddie came in the house Lucy did not jump on her. A couple of weeks ago I gave that same lecture on our way to see my cousin and her little girl. I also told Lucy to be on her best behavior. When we got to their house Lucy was a completely different dog! She was actually behaving like a normal dog!! I could not believe my eyes!
She only jumps a little....

At our house I can tell her to go upstairs and she follows my directions. If she didn't understand us and I have never trained her with a hand gesture, how would she know what I was saying?

She is one smart cookie! She may have her bad days, but I still love her! She has been doing well lately!


  1. I just read a book called Merle's Door. This man spent 14 years with his dog and they learned to understand each other exactly. You can also read your dog. What certain tail wags mean and different things.

  2. Yeah,you can read your dog! Lucy tells me things by her ears since she really has no tail. The only thing the tail tells me on walks is she has to poop! I get mad every time I see it sticking out!! She has the chance to go potty before we leave!

  3. I remember that with Minnie. I think all those strange smells activates their poop urge.