Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Miss Manipulator

I have recently discovered that Lucy can be very manipulative when she really wants something. For example the other day she really wanted me to go outside with her. It had been a hot week and by the time I get home from work all she wants to do is sleep because it is so hot out. So this day she was determined to get me outside. First, she did her usual little dance and run outside, which is her way of telling me I need to follow her. I did the opposite and just ignored her. Later, I happened to be by the back door picking something up when I realize that my flip flop was outside, then I looked a little harder and saw that both of them were sitting out on the deck. I then stepped outside and retrieved my flip flops and told Lucy that I was not coming out to play with her. She didn't like that answer so she ran inside grabbed her Monster Mouth biscuit toy (the one I fill up before I leave) and ran outside with it. I watched her throw it up in the air and then she sat and stared at me. My response after a quick eye roll was to tell her to bring her  toy back inside. This of course leads to her playing dumb, which is a whole other post! So then I of course go outside in the flip flops she provided me and picked up her toy. I figured she worked this hard to get my lazy bum outside I might as well throw some Frisbees for her!

Lucy also likes to manipulate her grandpa and grandma. They spoil her so much! She has her own toy box over flowing with toys at their house. Not to mention every time she goes over there Grandpa has a biscuit sitting out on their end table and Grandma has put a biscuit in her red bone for her. After five seconds of running in their house both are about gone. She then manipulates anyone she can to fill her red bone again. She does this by laying or throwing her red bone in your lap. If no one bites she takes it up a notch by continuing to jump in her Grandpa's lap and laying the red bone on his leg or chest. This usually happens several times before her Grandpa gets so annoyed with her dropping a slobbery bone in his lap that he gets up and fills it again for her. The joke when leaving their house is that Lucy will have a biscuit hangover the next day!

Lucy even manipulates strangers into giving her treats. Anytime we go through a drive-thru she sits up nice and tall so everyone can see her. Then if she has been there before and has gotten treats before she will try to mug you as you pull away. She also manipulates pet stores. Every time we go up to pay at the pet store she jumps up and puts her front paws on the counter and gives the poor cashier her biggest puppy dog eyes. Of course they bite and give her a treat. She then eats it quickly and does it again. The second time around they don't always bite but most of the time they do! We then walk out of the store calling her Little Miss Piggy!

She is too smart for her own good!

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