Monday, January 2, 2012

Exciting but exhausting times

A lot has happened in the past few months in the entertaining world of Lucy! There has been a lot of eating... Things Lucy has eaten recently that are not food worthy:
1. Polar bear ornament
2. Santa off the tree skirt (She didn't get any presents from Santa this year. I'm pretty sure she got put on the naughty list for eating him.)
3. Two shatter proof bulbs off the tree (She wasn't feeling great the next day!)
4. Pot holders off the counter
5. Dish towels and rags off the counter
6. Rabbit poo (I only know this because she threw it up on the floor in my bedroom.)

She has been very entertaining during the holidays. Yesterday we dumped a big a bag full of socks on her at my mom's house. It was a prime ADHD moment she couldn't decide what sock she wanted the most. We had fun tormenting her with her socks. But she was great at helping clean up. I would give her a sock and tell her to give it to grandma. She did it about 80% of the time!

These last two weekends have been exhausting for her since we have not been home much for her to get cat naps in. Yesterday she just about fell over trying not to fall asleep. Last Monday I was vaccuuming so I allowed her to lay in my bed while I worked. She ended up sleeping in my bed all day. Although every hour or so she would come to the top of the stairs and make sure I was still there then back to bed she went!

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