Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lucy and her socks

Lucy has a weird fascination with socks. Terry put it best when he said "Whether they are clean, dirty or smelly she will still love'em!" We first discovered her fascination with socks when she started carrying Terry's socks into bed with her and sleeping with them. Well then she discovered that not only do they make a perfect bedmate but also a great playmate! She started playing with them. She is hilarious when she plays with socks! She loves to run around with them in her mouth and tossing them in the air. When she gets bored of playing with them she starts to chew on them. Almost all of Terry's socks have holes in them now, mine not so much. ( I wonder who remembers to pick up their socks??)

We try not letting her have socks because she does chew them up. One night I was upstairs watching t.v. and Terry was downstairs on his computer with the door closed between the rooms. All of a sudden I hear Lucy outside running around. So I jumped up to see what she was doing and lord and behold she was running around the yard throwing something in the air and catching it. Not knowing what she had found in the yard I quickly called her to me. She ran to me and proudly showed her new toy to mommy. It was one of Terry's socks. So I asked her did Daddy give this to you or did you steal it? I went downstairs to ask and as I was asking Lucy grabbed his other sock and started making towards the door. It had turned out they were stolen socks.

The best is when you catch her with one and she acts like she doesn't have it by laying her head over it. When we went camping awhile back ago I was packing and had all of our clothes laid out. I walked out of the room to get something and little Miss Lucy followed with a pair of clean socks in her mouth! If you want to keep your socks don't let Lucy alone in the same room as them!

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