Thursday, June 30, 2011


A year ago Terry and I started our search for a puppy. We thought it would be easy, but oh my it was difficult. We went to the pound but there was never female puppies in the type of breeds we wanted. We searched for hours online. We actually fell in love with one puppy and applied for her. But we never heard back. We even had our parents apply for her too and they never heard back too. It was very discouraging. Not to mention a lot places wanted to come to your place and do a home study. At the time I had cousins trying to adopt from China and I felt like I was going through a lot of hoops just like they were but mine was for a dog not a baby!

I started going to the pound just about every other day looking and hoping to find the right puppy. One Saturday morning we stopped by the pound and found nothing that appealed to us. Later that day on our way to my parents I suggested to stop by again. I walked into the dog kennel area and laid eyes on  the cutest puppy. I quickly hurried over not wanting anyone else to see her. I quickly looked at her paper work to see what she was and age. I was happy to find out that she was a female, Australian Shepherd mix and six months old. I called Terry over and started pleading my case for her. I talked to her through the kennel as Terry found someone to talk to about her. I filled out the paper work and then they allowed us to go into a clean and empty kennel with her. We sat on the floor and she quickly climbed in my lap. She did not want to leave my lap! I finally had to carry her over to Terry so he could hold her too. I knew she was the one!

This is our first picture of her from Terry's cell phone.
The only sad thing was we had to wait until Wednesday, June 30th to pick her up she had to get spayed first. Those three days were long days. Those days were hard trying to find a name for her. I didn't like her name, Dottie. We argued over names for days. He would shoot down my names, Ella, Luna, Zoe and several others. And I shot down all of his names, Jessica, Jennifer, Kahlan and others. Finally, I came up with Lucy. He thought about it and even though he wasn't thrilled he agreed as long as her middle name was Xanthecar, which is the name of his favorite character from one of his games he plays.  I couldn't wait to pick her up! Finally June 30th came and Terry finally got home from work and we raced over to pick her up. We walked into the kennel area to find her. (We were slightly hoping she would look cute like another puppy we saw who just had his surgery. He had been laying there sleeping with his tongue sticking out.) I spotted her quickly and she knew us right away too. She was jumping up and crying when she saw us.

We brought her home and slowly introduced her to the house starting with the back. At first she didn't know how to do our stairs and I had to help her up. She played around in the back. That night 2 friends came over for dinner. Anthony and I took a walk around our back and found out that she likes to herd because if I walked slow she would run between us until we were together again. My parents came to meet her and she learned from early on that Grandpa always has a treat for her! I was very happy to have her in our lives! She has changed our lives but I couldn't dream of a life with out her!

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