Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lucy vs The Ocean

When we first got Lucy, we had a heat wave. So I got my old kiddie pool out for her. Yeah, she hated that thing. I had to force her to stay in and if she jumped out she wouldn't come anywhere near me for fear I would put her back in the water. Then when it first rained she wouldn't go outside unless she really had to and then she would try and go on our deck or the pavement. So I came to the conclusion that she hated water. But my husband and I, us being our evil selves decided when we took her to the ocean for the first time we would throw her Frisbee or ball in the water and trick her. Well no tricking was necessary!

We decided for our one year anniversary to day trip to Ocean Shores with Lucy. We loaded the car with tons of towels, Frisbees, and balls for Lucy. We got to the beach played a little ball and finally threw it in the water. I was expecting a freaked out puppy when she hit that water but instead she fell in love with the ocean! She was the cutest thing ever! When she runs through the water she hops like a frog! Her back legs fly behind her just like a frog.

She would also wait for waves so she could jump over them. Or just jump right in!

At one point she was out deep and a wave went over head. After that she was done. She didn't want to go back in the water. So we decided to dry her off because it was a very cold and windy day. So we dried her off and then went for a walk down the beach. Well we wanted her to get dry so Terry carried her over the little stream and then put her back down. Well that goofy dog decided to chase seagulls out into the ocean. It was quite funny and I'm pretty sure that seagull was laughing his butt off at her. Then we found these rocks which had tide pools around them. Well one of them we couldn't see the bottom because the water was really murky brown, but our Lucy found the bottom! She found it by trying to walk to the rock and went completely under water again! Then she had issues getting out but was able to do it on her own. Her fear of water is over I am sure now!

She also thought her ears made a good wind breaker or she liked the sound of the ocean a lot! She had her ears up a lot and the next morning I looked at her ears and they had so much sand in them! I think there might still be some in there a month later!! We have a very cute video of her hopping through the water that I will have to get posted on here at some point. Now I can't wait to go back with her for more than one day. She will be exhausted for a  week!

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  1. Our dogs absolutely LOVE the beach! Toby gets wet, runs for dry sand, or even wet sand, corkscrews into it and then back into the water again dragging his leash at mach 3.