Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lucy's First Camping Trip

This past weekend we went on our first camping trip together. Wow, what an adventure we had! Lucy is just now starting to regain some of her energy. We went to Fort Stevens park in Oregon, which is on the coast. Our first night was really rough! She barely slept! We now know to wear her out some before we go to bed. The next morning Lucy was outside and Terry and I were in the tent getting dressed. Well she decided she wanted to be with us.  So she first tried to climb the side of the tent and I guess she almost made it to the top. When that didn't work she made her own doggy door in our door. It was a brand new tent! Now we have a duct tape door! (Sorry no pictures of that).

We then went on several walks and spent some time on the beach. She of course loved the beach and was everyones' entertainment!

This is her posing with the Peter Iredale a shipwreck.

Everyone took turns throwing her chuck-it. She even supervised the sand castle building!

Later we went to the South Jetty. She proved that she is a mountain goat like her daddy! Terry decided to climb the rocks and she of course had to follow him.

But got tired and decided to lay down!

We walked down to the Columbia River. Where she preceded to chase all the birds off the beach. At one point she got out to deep by the rocks. She then decided to give up and come back in! But that bird was taunting her!

She did a lot of exploring and mosquito eating during our trip. I have never seen her so pooped out before!

We took her kennel in case we needed to lock her up because she was a pain, which we only did the first night. But Saturday night I was so surprised when I found her sleeping in her kennel on her own accord! I even went to check and make sure she was still alive. I spoke to her and got no response so I tugged on her leash and finally got a low grumble from waking her up.

She was also a little wearied of the fire. Our family and friends all made popcorn over the fire and of course some spilled. Our lovely neat freak Lucy had to help clean up. It was hilarious watching her try and grab the popcorn close to the fire. She would move in and grab it real fast and cautious!

She slept the whole way home and only awoke occasionally! But she tried sleeping like this, which does not look comfy at all!

Last but not least is her sleeping (and peeing) in my mom's lap. (you can kill me later mom)

She likes sleeping with her head dangling over things. We had a fun time and she had a blast!!


  1. I thought she was a Jack Russell she is really big. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.
    Aunt Carol

  2. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Aunt Carol, She is part Jack Russell from what we can tell. When we got her we were told she was part Australian shepherd but she is for sure part Jack, she has the character of a Jack.