Monday, August 8, 2011

Lucy's New Squeaky Toy

Last night Lucy found herself a new squeaky toy. Here is the story of how it happened! Last night I sent Lucy outside to go potty for bed time. After awhile Terry asked me if she had a squeaky toy outside with her. Currently she only has one and I located it inside fairly quickly. I then too heard the same squeaking. So we went outside to investigate. I found her on the side of the house and she looked very happy with what she found. Terry called her to him and she came running with something in her mouth. Terry told her to drop it and to our surprise it was a baby bunny! Bigger than last year's bunnies, but still a baby. I quickly tried getting Lucy inside and to get a box for Terry. When we returned outside Terry had lost the bunny.

That was the beginning of his and Lucy's search for their bunny. We quickly concluded that it must have went under the deck. Lucy was sniffing everything like crazy. She even squeezed under the deck following the scent. I quit and started getting ready for bed. After awhile I went out looking for them. They had ended up in the front yard and Lucy was still following the scent. I interrupted them, but Terry was convinced that it was in our garden up close to the house. As he was searching I was watching Lucy behind him by the fence. And all be darn she found that poor bunny! It squeezed through the fence but Terry went and got it out of the neighbor's side yard. He was convinced we should keep it. I kept telling him to put it back. He did put it down and it hopped to a nearby grown bunny.

Today Lucy continued tracking that poor bunny in the backyard. I think she wants it back! Oh what an adventure!
This is from last year.

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