Thursday, August 4, 2011

My noise maker!

Lucy is a noisy dog but not the way that most dogs are noisy. She does bark but she is good at stopping when told to stop. The noise I am talking about is her groans and whines! She is the most vocal dog I know. I told Terry she takes after her mama when she is sick. When I am sick I whine. I let everyone know that I don't feel good. When Lucy gets sick she whines off and on. One day she got sick from a pill we were trying with her and she was laying on Terry crying. I felt so sorry for her.

She also groans! For example if she is sleeping next to you on the couch and you move you will hear a low groan from her. She does not like being disturbed while sleeping! The best is when she is in bed with me in the morning after Terry has left for work. (She sleeps in her crate at night but gets to sleep with me after she goes outside when Terry gets up.) She has a tendency to use my legs as her pillow. Well I like to roll over a lot in my sleep and every time I roll over I get a groan from her. The  other morning she wasn't even touching me and I rolled over and heard a low groan coming from her! Sometimes at night we put her in her bed and then we will lay there talking for awhile and occasionally we will hear a groan come from her kennel, telling us that we are keeping the sleeping beauty awake!

You can't say she lacks personality!

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  1. She just wants a little sympathy. Poor Puppy.