Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lucy's Best Friend!

A few weeks back I took Lucy out front to get the mail with me. Usually she is really good at staying with me and not leaving the yard. Well this day my neighbor was out front with her dog. Lucy saw them and took off running before I even got down our stairs. I of course was yelling at her. But it turned out to be one of the best things she has done! That day she met her BFF, Rylee! Rylee is a gorgeous Louisiana Catahoula cattle dog with piercing blue eyes! She is about 30 lbs heavier than Lucy but will lay down and let Lucy crawl all over her. They played wonderfully in our neighbor's front yard.

Well today she did the same thing, while I was on the phone none the less! But it is so fun watching them play. Rylee likes to put her head under Lucy's body and lift up, so Lucy does the same thing. This time another neighbor was over with her dog Princess. Princess is a lab/chow mix and is 14 years old. But she did her best to keep up with the young ones! Lucy led them in races around the two front yards, over obstacles such as bushes and through legs of us women, nearly taking one out! They had so much fun! At one point Lucy led them over a bush, Rylee made it over and poor Princess tried and didn't quite make it. They finally found some shade in the garden under a bush. They looked so cute! I wish I had a picture of them together. Oh well I will get one when Rylee comes over for a play date one day!

The amazing thing was that they stayed in the yards for the most part. Lucy took off to say hi to another neighbor walking down to get his mail. She is a little social butterfly. She has to say hi to everybody! I think she has my Grandma's friend's spirit in her. Alice used to say hi to every stranger she saw especially if they had a baby! It was sad when we left to head home. I was carrying Lucy to go across the street and poor Rylee followed us down the drive like asking why we had to leave. She looked sad to lose her playmate.

She is a tired pup now!

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