Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Couch Chewing Puppy!

We knew pretty early on that Lucy didn't like her crate and didn't like being without us, but we didn't know to what extent until late August. In August I came home to find that she decided that our couch was a chew toy! Luckily for us she moved the big back pillows and attack that part behind the pillows.

 So we were able to do some patch work with the help of my mom and cover it back up and nobody was to the wiser. Well that was until she did it again. I'm not sure how many times she tore open that part, but one of those times I stitched it up and bought a nice brown fleece blanket from the Goodwill to put on the couch. My mom told me to stitch it onto the couch. Then one day in October I came home to discover that she tore open the arm rest of the couch. That was the day I put her in her kennel while we went to dinner and found her sticking out of the kennel (crate 2). That time she attacked the back of the couch where her kennel was sitting. I'm not sure what her issue is with that couch!That's when we started her on sedatives and working on training her more. We were told to take her on a walk before we leave the house, which we started doing. We then started putting things on our couches so she couldn't get to them. We put all of our kitchen chairs on the couch with bar stools on top of them, we put boxes on the love seat and blocked off behind the couch with her kennel and more boxes. It is now work to leave the house! Well one day she got back behind the couch and chewed on it more by standing on her back legs. Then in March I came home to find that she finally attacked our love seat. She attacked the front of it.

Luckily I was able to find some fabric that looked good and was able to make it look like new. The next day I made sure we put stuff in front of the love seat so she wouldn't destroy it again. I couldn't afford to have to stitch it up again with my husband's birthday party being the next day. So Friday when I got home from work I collapsed and start crying when I came up our stairs. She had totally destroyed the back of the love seat which is one of the first things you see when you walk in my house. We have since called the vet and got her on new meds which are helping I think (knock on wood). We moved the love seat so she can no longer get to the back of it anymore.

I'm pretty sure I could start a business fixing couches that animals have destroyed! The positive to all this is that I am finally learning how to sew and becoming quite well at it too!


  1. Well, no wonder you sometimes call her Lucifer instead of Lucy!!!

  2. I would have beaten Toby beyond an inch of his life, you are a much better person than I...or, at least, less violent!