Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meet Lucy

Our lives changed dramatically almost a year ago when my husband and I decided we wanted to get a puppy. We searched hard! It was actually sad at times. We both fell in love with a puppy on an adoption website where you had to apply and they never responded. We would visit the humane society a couple of times a week but were disappointed each time. Finally, one Saturday we went in the morning and found nothing. We happened to be driving near it again later that day and I convinced Terry to stop again. We walked right in the kennel area and it was like a magnet I was drawn right to her. I quickly read her information she was six months and an Australian Shepherd mix. Perfect I thought, a puppy, a female, and a breed that should get big! Not to mention she was the cutest thing ever black and white with a spotted white ear. We filled out the paper work and got to sit with her. She crawled right in my lap and refused to see Terry. I was in love! We had to wait 3 days since she had to get spayed. During that time we had to figure out a name. All the names we suggested to each other got shot down by the other. I finally suggested Lucy from my favorite show I Love Lucy. That was it! I compromised on her middle name which is Xanthercar. Well I guess the name either fit her perfectly or she took after her namesake, since she is always getting in trouble!
In the past year I have come up with so many struggles with her. But I still love her like the day I met her. People tell me all the time that they would have given her up. (You will understand after I post more stories) But to me she is not a pet she is my child, my baby! If I ever have a child who presents as much problems as she has I would never get rid of my child, therefore I will never give up Lucy until she takes her last breath. (Which at times I wonder if that will be at my husband's hands! Just kidding he only jokes but he loves her too!)
So this blog I hope to share my stories and the funny things Lucy does!


  1. That is a super great idea. Lots of pictures too.
    Granny L

  2. Oh PLEASE if you ever have human children DO NOT let Terry name them!! Have fun sharing your stories.