Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lucy and her 6 baby bunnies

When we moved into our house we discovered that we had wild bunnies in our yard all the time. One time when we had our first dinner guests over and were enjoying dinner we saw some bunnies going through the yard. By the time I turned around to see them they started doing what bunnies are infamous for doing! We thought it was so funny and still make jokes about them.

Well last summer I was cleaning house so I kicked Lucy outside. While I was coming downstairs I heard this high pitch crying. It didn't sound like Lucy but I couldn't be sure. So I ran outside to our top deck and yelled for her. I found her on the side of the house, she looked up at me and then ran back to something small and brown in the yard. She looked so happy and when she went back to it I heard the crying again. So I quickly called her to me and locked her in the house. I went down and discovered a baby bunny. His eyes were still closed. I called Terry and he was excited and was going to bring home a box.
This little guy eventually made it through our chain length fence, so I felt safe to let Lucy out again. That time she found another one in our garden. So when Terry got home with the box we put the two gently in the box. Then Terry felt around where we found the second one and discovered 3 more in a nest. So now we had five bunnies and no idea what to do with them. We couldn't leave them in the backyard with Lucy there. We weren't sure how the first one got so far from the nest. Either it got away or Lucy carried it away. I honestly don't think Lucy would've hurt them but we couldn't trust her.

Terry looked up how to feed them and went out and got all the stuff we needed. It did not come easy. They wouldn't eat. I finally got a couple to eat from me. Later that night we were researching more about them and Lucy was outside, when I heard that crying again. All I could say was "Shit! There's another one!"  So now we had 6 baby bunnies and no idea how to get them to eat.

I know it looks like she wants to eat the bunny in this picture but she didn't and wouldn't! Lucy was just curious of the bunnies. Every time we took them out or was trying to feed them she wanted right in on the action.

Well the next day we were able to give them to a friend who had a friend on a farm that could take care of them. She was able to release five of them. The runt was the only one that died.

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