Friday, May 13, 2011


So, I just have to post that the best gift Lucy has ever received was her Easter gift from my parents. They got her one of those laser lights. I love it! It tires her out so quickly. We live in a Tri-level house so I love shining it up the stairs, then back down to the living room and then down the stairs to the office. It is so funny when she is coming down the stairs because she slides across the hardwood floors. It is so funny watching her try and stop herself. She has learned that if she tries to sit she can stop a little faster. We love playing this game with her. I've also discovered that if she acts tired I just have to shine it on her paw and she goes at it again! Very entertaining and a must have if you have a hyper active dog!

Which reminds me, I really believe that Lucy has ADHD and maybe some Autism in her. I constantly say if she was a kid she would be riding the short bus everyday! So do they make Ritalin for dogs? I swear she can't focus on anything for to long, and she is hyper almost 24/7!
 Now you are probably wondering why I think she Autistic. Well she is very routine, meaning if I change my morning routine she will let me know! For example, this week we haven't been playing Frisbee outside because the grass has been to long and wet, and I don't want to get my feet and bottom of my pants wet every morning. So she has been crying more in the morning and when I let her outside to go potty before I leave she runs out and pounces on a Frisbee and looks up at me. Or if I go to the bathroom before I go downstairs for breakfast instead of after I eat she seems to think that we need to go outside and play.  I have also noticed lately that she starts whining about 7:15 am. I couldn't figure out why until one day I really looked at the time and remembered that we use to go out at about that time to play, but I have been running late lately and haven't been getting out in time. I guess she was letting me know I was late!
I love my very special girl!
This describes her best at times!

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