Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lucy and her 3 Crates

To start off with you need to know that Lucy has severe separation anxiety from her momma! Therefore let me tell you the story of her 3 crates. We first started her with a metal crate we got from my mother-in-law. It was a little small for her but big enough for her to lay down. The first night we had her, we first put her in our bathroom downstairs because we felt the crate was too small. After an hour of hearing her tearing that room apart, I went down and tried sleeping on the floor. I quickly decided that was not going to work for us especially since she wanted to sleep with the light on. I decided to try the kennel and lay next to it until she fell asleep. Victory for me it seemed to work, key word seemed! I woke up a couple hours later hearing a pitiful cry coming from downstairs. When I went in the room I found Lucy's head sticking out of the kennel. She had pulled back two of the metal bars and got stuck. She had also pulled in the towel that was outside of the kennel and my blanket and tore up the rug that was there. We quickly learned that she needed to sleep in our room.
Crate 2 was bought and was a nice large plastic one. We tried training her and leaving her in following all the protocols every trainer seems to give. But slowly over time she chewed through the hard plastic and got a 1" by 2" hole in it. Well one day she did something really bad while I was at work (she chewed the couch) and we were going out for dinner so I had to put her in her kennel. After two hours she made that small hole into a big enough hole for her head, neck and paw to come through.
Crate 3 was bought the next day. We went to the vet got some sedatives for her and had an appointment to meet with a trainer one on one to fix the problem the next day. I left her in the new kennel when I went to work. When I got home she had chewed two of the bars off towards the back of the kennel. The worst part and the part I don't understand was that she dragged her bed through that hole and destroyed it. When I left her bed was outside of her kennel at the front of the kennel close to the gate. I can not for the life of me figure out how she manage to get the bed towards the back of the kennel! Needless to say she doesn't not stay in a kennel. Although she does sleep in one and does great at night. I hope one day she might be able to stay in a kennel when we are gone, but I am not holding my breath!

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  1. I have a perfect solution. Have her teeth removed. Just Kidding !!!